Privacy Policy

As a general policy, except in cases hereafter mentioned, the applications developed by Tokata do not collect personal data from the users.

Some distribution platforms (Samsung Apps) may require permissions for device identification (for example READ_PHONE_STATE) only used for license checking.

The Support menu may collect anonymous debugging informations only used for error tracking and correction.

Safe Play

The Safe Play application uses the Google account in order to perform searches in Google Play Store.

Star Words

The Send action may register your IP address and your message on a server in order to display it later to its recipients. No other personal data is collected. These data will only be used for the purpose of the application. Although the data are encrypted, it is advised not to send any sensitive information. The messages will be deleted from the server after 30 days.

Feel free to contact us (tokata [a] tokata [ยท] fr - Subject: Policy) for any question.