Why an app?

For any company in relation with the public, having a mobile application has become as essential as having a web site.

The Internet world is moving fast. Computer sales were outweighed by smartphone sales in 2011, and by tablets in 2013. Mobile Internet usage outweighed desktop usage in 2014, and mobile web browsing in 2016.

Browsing a web site from a mobile phone is not necessarily the best solution. Only a mobile application will offer a satisfying user experience, a suitable data rate, and features that meet the highest expectations.


Tokata takes care of your project and supports it throughout all its life cycle.


Adequacy of the project with users on one hand, and with technologies on the other.


Study of the user interface and of the user experience on different devices.


Incremental and adaptative programming, incorporating the customer feedback at each stage.


Publication on the main distribution platforms, Play Store (Android) and App Store (iOS).


Follow-up of customers and users, integration of evolutions, deployment of new versions.


Experience in programming languages (Java, C#, Python, PHP, C, C++, Ada...), mobile platforms (Android, iOS), operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS), web technologies, databases, graphic and audio editing software. Curiosity for computer science evolutions.


Concern for product quality and customer satisfaction. Respect for the user, therefore refusal of spyware, adware and unethical practices. Commitment to open standards. Attention to social utility and human values.